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    Simpletini- Part 2  Garnishing




    Simpletini- Part 1 The Basics


    Spiced Sour Mixer--The ZERO Calorie Version

    I created this “new twist” on the classic sour mix.  The ingredients offer an amazing flavor without the guilt!

    What makes this recipe so fantastic is the ZERO CALORIE factor (thanks to Sparkling ICE Lemonade).  I have created an updated sour mixer with an updated flavor profile (Star Anise) and took out all of the calories!

    This is a wonderful way to create a “craft-cocktail” twist on a classic cocktail.  It takes the traditional sour mix flavor profile and infuses with the warming taste of Star Anise.  Using Sparking ICE Lemonade in this application brings the no calorie option right into your kitchen.  I found that by reducing (boiling over medium heat to concentrate the flavor) and lightly infusing the liquid I created an alternative to the “skinny” cocktails that are on the market, that frankly aren’t that amazing.  These mixers are amazing!  The fact that they have NO CALORIES makes it a must have on your holiday drink selections.

     Spiced Sour Mix -

    5-7 Star Anise Pods 

    1 Bottle Sparkling Ice Lemonade

    Pinch of Salt

    Place all ingredients into a pot and reduce by half over medium-to-medium high heat (approximately 10-15 minutes). Allow mixture to cool and steep for 30 minutes. The syrup will have a lovely pinky-salmon color and your kitchen will smell delicious. Strain out Star Anise Pods and retain for a fun and festive garnish. 

    Spiced Whiskey Sour 

    1 oz Whiskey

    4 oz Spiced Sour Mix

    Combine into a glass filled with ice and garnish with a Star Anise Pod

    This recipe is really good with Brandy or Amaretto as well!

    Spiced Lemon Drop 

    1 oz Vodka

    1 Tbs Cointreau or Triple Sec

    3-4 ounces Spiced Sour Mix

    Lemon Wedge 

    Put all contents into a drink shaker with ice and give 5-10 good strikes with a muddler.  Muddling really brings out the essential oils in the lemon.  You can always shake the ingredients together for 15 seconds, but muddling really brings this particular drink to life.

    Strain and serve in a chilled Martini Glass.

    These are just a couple of recipes I came up with using this Spiced Sour Mixer.  You can use this in any recipe that calls for sour mix, except this recipe has no calories and the warm, wonderful undertone of Star Anise.

    Bottoms up,

    Tommy-Gene Harlow


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